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Why Using High Quality CBD Is Important?

CBD is now more popular than it ever has been before due to its numerous uses and natural health effects. As a result of this popularity, the demand for CBD is rising. For you as someone who is interested in CBD, it’s important to know that not all CBD products are the same. The recent rise in demand has led to a lot of new brands entering the market with some of them offering substandard products. This article will help you understand why using High Quality CBD is key if you want to achieve the intended results.

Low quality CBD

For CBD to be top quality, caution should be taken right from the farm to the processing of the oil. Most of the CBD companies out there pushing out low quality products are hungry to make quick profits. Some of them grow their hemp in pesticide contaminated farms. This results in the CBD oil containing trace elements of chemicals from the pesticides used. When it comes to the extraction of the oil, most of these companies resort to using harsh chemicals to achieve a faster and cheaper results. These chemicals include butane, ethanol and hexane and end up leaving toxic traces in the oil. The pesticide and extraction chemicals may adversely affect you and that’s why using High Quality CBD oil is important.

Here are some of the side effects of low quality CBD:

  • Drowsiness
  • Dry mouth
  • Lightheadedness

Long time use of poor quality CBD will make these side effects even more severe.

High Quality CBD 

As mentioned earlier, you can only get High Quality CBD if all the steps leading to the final product are done excellently. High Quality CBD is a totally natural and safe product and does not lead to any “highs”. This is because it doesn’t affect the CB1 and CB2 receptors in your brain in any way. The “high” feeling is caused by THC which is not present High Quality CBD. So the rumors you have been hearing are totally unfounded.

In fact there are some health benefits of using High Quality CBD. Generally, it has been known to make some disease symptoms more manageable and this is why using High Quality CBD is important. These include:

  • Reducing vomiting and nausea
  • Decreases inflammation
  • Reduces anxiety and depression

When CBD is used in dog treats, it helps reduce pain or anxiety making your canine friend much more relaxed.

What makes High Quality CBD?

When buying CBD, research is very important to make sure that you get the best quality possible. Do not just go and pick any CBD, ensure that you do some background research about the company and the store making or selling the specific product. Take your time to do the research and come up with a conclusive analysis. Make sure that CBD you want to purchase is:

Extracted from superior hemp

Superior farming practices lead to superior hemp. Hemp should be cultivated in chemical free farm. This means that inorganic pesticides and fertilizer should be kept at bay. The best hemp can be cultivated using organic manure and organic pesticides. This means that the hemp won’t be exposed to any chemicals and thus it won’t absorb any chemicals.

It’s also important that the hemp be optimally matured before it’s picked for harvesting. CBD from too young or too old hemp will definitely not be the best. Some companies pushing out low quality CBD harvest their hemp from the farm while not fully matured in order to maximize their profits. Make sure you research this.

Subjected to a clean extraction process

In contrast to low quality CBD, which uses solvent chemicals to extract the oil, High Quality CBD is subjected to a clean CO2 extraction process. The CO2 process is very clean and does not expose the oil to any contamination. This extraction process requires qualified lab technicians and a well-equipped lab for it to be successful. So do your research to find out about the facilities and manpower behind them. For this reason, cheap means poor quality and impurities.  

To add on that, if the price of the CBD is too low to justify the cost of production, that’s another red flag. Paying for well qualified technicians and putting up a good lab is expensive. Remember a good manufacturer is in business to provide a superior product that works. Shy away from the cheap products for your health and safety.

Certificate of Analysis or the COA is another important aspect of High Quality CBD. All CBD manufactures should be performing 3rd party COA in order to show you as a consumer how much CBD is in the product, to show the amount of THC in the product (which should be non-detectable), and to display that the product does not have any pesticides or metals.


Some CBD companies go the extra step and have their CBD formulated in a FDA approved Lab. To be honest, this credential is very hard to find and only occur in the High Quality CBD products in the USA. If you are able to find products that have the FDA lab, know that these products are held to a higher standard that than any other CBD on the market. CBD MED is one of the only CBD stores in the United States that sells products formulated in a FDA Lab.

Well packaged

Chemicals are not the only causes of poor quality CBD. High Quality CBD can degrade to poor quality if it’s packaged poorly. High Quality CBD is always packed in an airtight and darkened container. This prevents the CBD from getting exposed to air and sunlight, which may lead to the CBD product’s degradation. This good packaging also prolongs the shelf life of the CBD and thus you can use the bottle for longer and still get high quality oil. This will save you from throwing away half empty bottles due to degradation and therefore saving you money in the long run.

You may encounter CBD packed in other forms like capsules, tinctures or even topicals. Despite the different packaging, the CBD should still be free from air or sunlight. Remember to check the best before date and manufacture date before you purchase your CBD. The best quality CBD is one that is closest to the manufacturing date. Avoid the ones that are close to their best before date because poor storage might have caused the CBD to go bad earlier than expected.

Bottom line

Using High Quality CBD is important as it helps you avoid all the side effects associated with poor quality CBD. Moreover, you can rest assured that you are going to get the best results possible from the High Quality CBD. This is because High Quality CBD has high potency levels due to its purity as compared to the low quality CBD that’s impure. Feel free to stop by the store or go to the CBD MED website to learn about all the High Quality CBD products available.