CBD Mint- 900 mg-Non THC

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On bottle has 30 sublingual tablets with 30mg of CBD Isolate in each tablet.

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With the advancements in extraction technology and distillation, we have been able to isolate the CBD (which at room temperature is a crystal). Pair that distillation with the patented technology behind Maxabsorb™ and you are able to set a tablet-ized powder blend that is its own “carrier oil”. But, it doesn’t need the typical formulation base since the science and development was spent around making the tablet melt in your mouth quickly and the same melting action carried the CBD crystals into your system.

Our triple distillation process creates CBD particulates that are 122 millionths of a meter across and help carry the CBD directly into your body.

1 tablet has 30mg of CBD Isolate.
Each container has 30 sublingual tablets

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3 reviews for CBD Mint- 900 mg-Non THC

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

  2. Sherell Pelman

    Nice!!! Enjoy them!

  3. Ginny M. (verified owner)

    Only taken one so far, but to me the very light mint taste was overwhelmed by the bitterness and it did not dissolve quickly. I ended up chewing the tab until it was small pieces and then it did melt. But the product did do what it was intended to do – eased my celiac pain and discomfort, relaxed me. The gentleman I spoke with was very knowledgeable, nice and understanding of my situation and health condition. I was very comfortable talking with him. I will probably try another product next time, but definitely will use this company again. We both agreed this is a trial and error phase, so my experience might not be someone else’s experience.

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