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CBD Oil for Dogs: Helping Canines Live a Healthier Life

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As we approach the 4th of July, CBD oil for dogs has become a household favorite for many dog owners. This is because CBD oil for dogs may relieve anxiety in dogs that are disturbed by loud noises such as fireworks. It is also very common for puppies to take CBD oil for dogs to help them with separation anxiety. Apart from helping cope with anxiety, CBD oil for dogs is also used to treat several medical conditions as well as for preventative care. Here we will cover everything you need to know about CBD oil and how it can help your dog live better and healthier life!

 What is CBD oil for Dogs?

Cannabidiol, more notably referred to as CBD, is one of over 100 cannabinoids found in cannabis and hemp plants. CBD is unique in its own way because it is completely non-psychoactive. This means that unlike the notorious cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD does not have the ability to get you high. CBD has been in popular demand over the last several years for providing people of all ages (and now dogs) with various health benefits.

Companies like CBD MED produce CBD for dogs which may serve as natural alternatives to medications that treat symptoms of a host of conditions and diseases. More often than not, dogs get prescribed medication that may be difficult to administer or may induce negative side effects. However, because CBD for dogs is all-natural, it does not produce harmful side effects. And because CBD for dogs is either bottled in an easy to use tincture or served as tasty dog treats, administering CBD to your dog very easy.

CBD for Dogs

How Much CBD Does My Dog Need?

CBD is usually given to dogs orally, but it’s imperative to know the correct dosage for your pet.

Dosages vary by the size of the dog and its specific condition. CBD for dogs contains no THC, so if taken responsibly, there should be no risks for your pet. It is always recommended to talk to a veterinarian before giving CBD to your pet.

Choosing the Best CBD for Dogs

Because of growing demand for more innovative ways to give CBD to pets, there are now many new CBD-infused products made exclusively for canines. With the variety of delicious CBD oils and treats curated to man’s best friend’s taste buds, you won’t ever have to stress about your dog not taking his medicine again!

Before giving CBD to your pet, it is important to know the product’s ingredients. Several companies use imported goods that may not go through the adequate regulatory procedures as we aby with in the United States. Because of this, it is suggested that you ensure you purchase products from a trusted distributor or vendor.

CBD oil for Dogs

 CBD Med is a reputable distributor that performs third-party lab tests on all their CBD products for dogs, so you know exactly what is in your pet’s products. CBD Med oils for dogs are high-end tinctures and oral drops infused with delicious bacon or chicken flavor. Their mouthwatering tinctures release a smoky, sizzling scent and a savory flavor that’s enhanced for a dose of meaty tastiness that dogs love. In addition, CBD Med offers organic CBD Dog treats.

Here are some important things to consider when deciding where to buy your dog’s CBD:

Where is their hemp cultivated?

You want to make sure that the hemp is grown in the US to avoid any regulatory issues.

How is the CBD extracted?

Some companies use butane and harmful chemicals to extract their CBD, resulting in possible toxic residue in the products.

Make sure your CBD is organic

If it is not organic, chances are that is contains pesticides and other harmful chemicals that you don’t want to give your dog.

Request the lab analysis

Ask the company for the lab analysis for their CBD. That will tell you the exact amount of everything that is in your CBD product.

Here are some of the conditions that vets and dog owners are saying can be improved with CBD:

CBD Oil for Dogs Anxiety

Anxiety is a condition that affects many dogs. Anxiety can be triggered from fear, separation, and even aging. There are many things that can cause dogs to feel anxious due to fear. Noise phobia goes hand-in-hand with anxiety as some dogs become extremely scared when they heard a loud noise. Examples of these loud noises include, screaming, slamming of doors, car engines, and fireworks.

Dogs suffer from separation anxiety, (particularly puppies) when they are left alone or separated from their owners. Aging can also take a toll on many dogs and cause them to feel anxious. CBD oil for dogs can have a positive effect on reducing your dog’s anxiety, and the best part is that it does it in a completely natural way.

CBD for Dogs Pain & Inflammation

Another benefit that CBD for dogs can have on your pet is to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Just like humans, dogs can also suffer from both acute and chronic pains which cause an immense amount of discomfort. This may cause dogs to have trouble walking or prevent them from doing their everyday activities with ease. If this occurs, it can also cause feelings of anxiety.

CBD for dogs works to reduce inflammation which in return causes pain levels to deteriorate. We all want our pets to be active and healthy. Pain and inflammation can affect dogs tremendously, but with the help of CBD oil for pets, dogs and other animals alike can be one step closer to living pain free!

CBD Oil for Dogs Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a devastating condition for both dogs and owners alike. Watching your furry companion break into an epileptic seizure is one of the most distressing feelings a pet owner can experience. Synthetic treatments to control seizures in dogs can also bring along unwanted side effects. The American Society of Epilepsy has stated that CBD has shown very promising results in studies that have been conducted on its effectiveness to control epileptic seizures.

CBD oil for dogs works with their body’s endocannabinoid system which regulates the mood and physiology in mammals such as humans and dogs. Research indicates that when CBD interacts with cannabinoid receptors in the body, conditions such as epilepsy may be controlled. This is great news for pet owners seeking to find a safer alternative for treating their dog’s seizures.

CBD for pets

Is CBD the Right Choice for Your Pet?

If you decide to seek CBD treatment for your pet, it is recommended that you keep record of how your pet is behaving before, during, and after treatment. CBD reacts differently for each dog, so you need to observe how your pet reacts to the CBD to know whether to reduce or increase the dosage.

In the end, CBD treatment for dogs has shown promise for a better natural health solution. Extending the benefits of CBD to pets is one of the best ways to increase their quality of life. Sometimes life can be ruff, but with CBD it doesn’t have to be.